District 7

Buu Thai

Maya Esparza

Tam Nguyen

Van Le

The candidates whose names are bold have qualified to be considered for our endorsement by answering our seven questions. Please send your answers to info@iwalkibikeivote.org.

Buu Thai | buuthai.com | buu@buuthai.com
Maya Esparza | info@mayaesparza.com
Tam Nguyen | lsnguyentam@gmail.com
Van Le | http://www.vanleforcitycouncil.com | vanle4district7@gmail.com

1. Do you walk regularly? Where do you walk?

Buu_ThaiBuu Thai: Yes, I walk along the Hellyer Park trail.


Van Le: Yes. I walk every day and with my election campaign, I am walking miles day.


2. Do you ride a bicycle regularly? Where do you bike?

Buu_ThaiBuu Thai: I do not bike as often as I would like. I had opportunities to bike around downtown San Jose and sometime on the Coyote Creek trail to Morgan Hill.

Van Le: I love biking also but at this moment I don’t have time to bike. I usually ride my bike in the lake or in the campground.


3. If elected, what would you do to reduce the number of fatalities (28 in 2013) and serious injuries suffered by people walking and bicycling in San Jose?

Buu_ThaiBuu Thai: If elected, I am committed to reducing the number of fatalities and serious injuries by people walking and bicycling in San Jose. My pedestrian and bicycle fatalities and serious injuries reduction strategies include: Driver education and licensing: Address pedestrian and bicycle safety in driver education and licensing training and materials; Add pedestrian and bicycle safety components into the Road Safety Audits; Increase pedestrian and bicycle safety education in local schools; Implement pedestrian and bicycle safety elements with new transportation projects.

Van Le: I love the idea proposed by Councilmember Liccardo and the work in the downtown area to create separate bike lines.


4. Do you support Vision Zero legislation (similar to that adopted this year by New York and San Francisco) to establish a goal for San Jose to eliminate pedestrian and bicyclist traffic-related fatalities by 2025?

Buu_ThaiBuu Thai: Yes.


Van Le: Yes.


5. How can San Jose generate the funds to construct truly Complete Streets that are safe and accessible for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit users of all ages and abilities?

Buu_ThaiBuu Thai: I would start by evaluating existing transportation projects and determine ways we can leverage these projects to implement Complete Streets. For future projects, I ensure include Complete Streets as a requirement for any road/transportation projects.

Van Le: You begin a conversation with those entities that would benefit from reduced fatalities or increased walking or bicycling. First and foremost would be residence of the city, public entities such as the SJPD, Santa Clara County Sheriff, Bike shops, sporting goods shops, etc. I would also engage local hospitals and healthcare for the benefits of more physical activity.

6. Do you support investing in extension of San Jose’s many disconnected walking bicycling trails to connect them with each other to form a practical network of trails?

Buu_ThaiBuu Thai: Yes.


Van Le: Yes.


7. Do you believe that converting general travel lanes into buffered bike lanes (like on 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, and Hedding streets) is an effective way to reduce vehicle speeds and collisions, and do you support converting more travel lanes into buffered bike lanes?

Buu_ThaiBuu Thai: I do believe that having buffered bike lanes is an effective way to reduce vehicle speeds and collision.  However, I want to be strategic where these buffered bike lanes are implemented throughout San Jose.  In San Jose District 7, we have heavy traffic and narrow lanes in various pockets of the District.  Converting more travel lanes into buffered bike lanes may have a negative impact to the traffic flow.

Van Le: Yes. but we need to do some study.

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