Safe Streets for Everyone. We believe that everyone should be able to walk and ride a bike to their everyday destinations safely and comfortably. A record 28 people were killed in car crashes on San Jose streets in 2013 while walking or bicycling, and hundreds more were injured. Our goal is to educate and elect representatives who will invest in infrastructure and implement education and enforcement programs that make walking and bicycling safer.

City Council Election Questionnaires

San Jose – June 3 & Nov 4 – Mayor & City Council

Dave Cortese - Mayor

Sam Liccardo - Mayor

Charles Jones - District 1

Paul Fong - District 1

Don Gagliardi - District 3

Raul Peralez - District 3

Maya Esparza - District 7

Tam Nguyen - District 7

Santa Clara – Nov 4 – Mayor & City Council

Deborah Bress - Mayor

Jamie Matthews - Mayor

Karen Hardy - Seat 2

Mohammed Nadeem - Seat 2

Patrick Kolstad - Seat 2

Dominic Caserta - Seat 5

Kevin Park - Seat 5

Roseann LaCoursiere - Seat 5

Mountain View – Nov 4 – City Council

Ellen Kamei

Greg Unangst

Jim Neal

Ken Rosenberg

Lenny Siegel

Lisa Matichak

Margaret Capriles

Mercedes Salem

Pat Showalter

Palo Alto – Nov 4 – City Council

A.C. Johnston

Cory Wolbach

Eric Filseth

Greg Scharff

John Fredrich

Karen Holman

Lydia Kou

Mark Weiss

Nancy Shepherd

Seelam Reddy

Tom DuBois

Wayne Douglass


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